If you're going to try to get stuff done, you're going to need some good tools.  A good tool transforms work into art. My tools are mostly wood and wires...

I've played Upton Bass upright basses since 2007. They're made in Mysic, CT and every one I've owned has played and sounded great. I have a standard laminate (Italian Poplar) and a custom hybrid (solid top, Poplar back and sides) w/ a removable neck. Upton just did a tuneup on my hybrid and it's absolutely phenomenal. I'm happy to talk in length about how great these basses are, email me with any questions, Upton will gladly build one for you, my setup or yours. 

When I play guitar I play a '55 Martin D-18 named Randy and Burle's guitar, Alice, an '85 Martin D-35.

Fishman pickups and preamps make the sounds audible and they do it very simply and very well. 

DiAddario and Planet Waves strings, cables, straps, and tuners are indispensable.  

I also ride bikes. I can think of endless reasons to ride them and I do it as often as I possibly can. I would encourage you to do it as well. 

"When I see an adult on a bicycle I do not despair for the human race." H.G. Wells